Wine on TAP

Wine on Tap/Refill


We keep 3 varieties of wines in a bag, including 2 reds and 1 white. We source this from our exquisite wine suppliers to bring you the best tasting wine on tap. We sell 50cl bottles as low as £4

Different Wines every week


The wine boxes come in 10L capacity so we refill the case with a new wine every week, so come and try different wines at the lowest cost

10% off for refill customers


If you want to be a regular customer then please visit our shop and take your first bottle and start refilling. We offer 10% discount for regular customers.

Save bottles, Drink Wine


Save the planet by reusing your wine bottles, refilling is the best way to do that.

Visit the shop for a taster


Try before you buy ! come to the shop and ask for a taster ! We are more than happy to offer with a smile